About SuperNova TalentBuzz

SuperNova partners with TalentBuzz, a dynamic talent marketplace powered by B-Hive. Through this AI-driven platform, driven talents of today can easily connect with their future employers in the tech sector. By uploading your CV, in one click, you get access to this market place and can actively take control of your career. You can upload your CV in any format and it will be analyzed in seven languages to match with the available job vacancies of all SuperNova companies.

Start your TalentBuzz journey by discovering your work DNA immediately a few seconds after uploading your CV. The platform also has built-in tests you can take, in order to help you learn more about your skills and competencies.

Upload your cv, create an account, do the self-assessment and check your DNA!

With TalentBuzz, you can apply for multiple job vacancies posted by SuperNova exhibitors and pitching scale-ups in to the platform. Job seekers with a 75% match-to-job will be invited personally to drop by at the SuperNova Tech Fair on September 27-28 to meet the companies in person and have a job interview right on the spot! Aside from potential job opportunities, everybody is welcome to learn more about his or her profile and mingle with a unique network of entrepreneurs, managers, researchers and creatives interested in the technologies, insights and concepts of tomorrow.

After SuperNova on September 30, your profile will still be active in the TalentBuzz platform powered by B-Hive, after your explicit agreement, to give you easy access to other promising opportunities within B-Hive’s network.

Score a Job with SuperNova Partners & Exhibitors

Interested in working in the tech sector and be part of the workforce of the future?
Upload your CV now and get the chance to work with big players in tech coming from different industries – ranging from large industry players to disruptive startups taking over the world!

Starting September,

we will match your profile with the job vacancies uploaded by our SuperNova partners and exhibitors.

If you get a 75% match, you can get invited to the SuperNova Tech Fair on September 27-28 for free to meet the companies in person and have a job interview right on the spot!

Stay tuned on this page for more updates.

How it works?

The TalentBuzz Platform uses a state-of-the-art technology for cross-language competence analysis to match you with the right job.


Once you’re logged in to the platform, you can upload your resume in any format.

Your Work DNA will be visualized in 3 seconds.

Tests and benchmarks will be available in Summer 2018


The SuperNova TalentBuzz platform scans all available job positions in the platform – uploaded by all participating exhibitors and partners – to determine which vacancies match your skill sets best.

Only the most relevant matches are shown to you.


Companies will get a shortlist of all candidates with a good match-to-job ratio.

All job seekers with a 75% match-to-job will get the chance to be invited for an exclusive interview and drop by at the SuperNova Tech Fair for free.

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Do you have a question or an experience to share? We at TalentBuzz are all ears.
Yes, behind that humongous TalentBuzz technology there are real people who will handle your message with care.